Making a remarkable history in the domestic food industry with passion and a belief in ramen Samyang Foods, Inc., established in 1961, has been walking a single path, pursuing honesty and trust for over 50 years. Its pioneering entrepreneurial spirit, with the aim of bringing an era where the average life expectancy becomes 100 years through food, has been the foundation for Samyang Foods to become a trustworthy company to customers. With the passion and challenge to generate new growth engines, Samyang Foods will make every effort to allow everyone to enjoy a more delicious world. Produced Korea’s First Ramen in September 1963 The 1960s was a time when most Koreans had to tighten their belts, because the only staples, rice and mixed grains, were scarce. Samyang Foods, Inc.’s efforts to overcome the food shortage led to the birth of Korea’s first ramen, Samyang Ramen, in 1963. Ramen has become the second staple food in Korea. Improvement in Diet After the nation was released from hunger through the continuous national economic growth and with brighter prospects for food self-sufficiency in Korea, Samyang Foods, Inc. took a leading role in improving the Korean people’s diet. By boosting the forest land livestock industry by making a pasture of about 60 million ? in the Daegwallyeong plateau area, the company has improved the diet and played a key role in improving national health. Establishment of Dagwallyeong Samyang Farm and Belief in Good Ingredients Daegwallyeong Samyang Farm has played the role of providing a key ingredient source for Samyang Foods, Inc. to produce self-sufficient meat, including beef for making ramen soup base, and raise dairy cattle in clean air and a vast pasture, leading to the smooth supply of milk and dairy products. A Comprehensive Food Company Samyang Foods, Inc. uses natural ingredients with high quality so as to provide food with high quality and differentiated taste along with excellent food with traditional Korean flavors. Samyang Foods, Inc. has food-related subsidiary companies. Natural Samyang Inc. stably supplies a variety of agro-fishery products including the ingredients for ramen soup base such as scallions, garlic, sesame, red pepper and seafood. Samyang Farm Inc. provides fresh beef and milk from a vast Farm at an altitude of 850m to 1,400m around Daegwallyeong in Gangwon-do. Samyang Foods, Inc. has established a thorough quality management system so that consumers can trust its products by being certified by qualified international offices (KOLAS, ISO22000, HALAL) as well as a domestic one, HACCP. Samyang Foods, Inc. leading K-Food In particular, Hot Chicken stir-fried noodles has become very popular in China, Southeast Asia, etc., becoming the main brand leading K-Food. To make Hot Chicken stir-fried noodles continue to grow as a global brand, the company is reinforcing local promotion and marketing with Samyang Foods, Inc.’s representative character, “Hochi.” ? Main Export Nations * Noodles/Snacks - the Americas : United States, Canada, Argentina, Paraguay, and Chile - Asia : China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Hong Kong - Europe : the U.K., Germany, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands. - Oceania : Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, and Micronesia - Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and United Arab Emirates * Dairy Products - Asia : China Quelle:
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